About the Event


Grand Forks and District Fall Fair and Demolition Derby that was scheduled for Sept 12 and 13 is cancelled for 2020. At this time the Fall Fair would like to encourage people to grow gardens, keep canning, baking, and mastering your crafts.
We look forward to a great Fair again Sept 2021!

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The Grand Forks & District Fall Fair Society is a non-profit organization that promotes agriculture, horticulture, crafts, arts, hobbies, home cooking and food preservation through presentation of an annual Fair. The Society cooperates with public and private agencies, government departments and other groups and organizations interested in the purpose of the society.

The local curling rink, located at the park, is rented to us for storage space, office use, and for 3 days out of the year our Fall Fair event location. For those 3 days it is transformed into an agricultural exhibit hall for residents of the community to display their accomplishments. The remaining areas are utilized for local vendors, an entertainment stage, an animal exhibition, and most recently a demolition derby showcase.

The Fall Fair is a grassroots event that brings the community together and celebrates the history, the culture, and unity for the benefit and overall wellness of the community.

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